Baseline Solar Solutions was founded in 2008 with a goal of providing exceptional, high-quality solar installations. In 2019, we expanded our reach by adding our Richmond office as well. Between our two branch locations, our crews design and install solar throughout much of Virginia.

Something we see more and more is misleading information regarding solar. Unrealistic claims regarding production, incentives, and cost are advertised everyday across digital and print media. We are not one of those shady players in the solar industry.

To answer that question, “Is Solar a Scam?” before we begin: No! Solar technology is not a scam. However, there is a lot of misleading and untrue information circulated in this industry. We want to clear up those many misconceptions.

Here at Baseline, we strive to provide you with factual, realistic information about solar technology every step of the way. We want to take some time to talk about what this technology IS and also what it ISN’T, so that you can make an informed decision for your home or business.

What DOES solar provide, anyway?

A stable, long-term investment

When solar is designed correctly and installed by a company with a strong record of experience, solar PV is a stable, long-term investment. 

Here in Virginia, our solar company is one of many excellent solar contractors. Like many construction companies, we know each other and respect the work we each perform. When there is more solar in Virginia, we all win! We want you to have all the information you need to make the right choice for you and your needs.

high-quality solar installations
We always strive to provide high-quality solar here in Virginia!

Clean, green energy

Solar does provide clean, green energy when installed correctly. In addition, solar on a utility-scale is actually less costly than non-renewables.

We can say with great confidence: solar is a good thing and among the greenest ways to produce power that we have. While PV panels and related materials have an environmental impact when they’re produced, that is offset because they produce clean electricity reliably for decades.

They CAN offset your electric needs year-over-year

When you install solar in Virginia, we can design a system that offsets up to 100% of your electrical needs. While many of our customers offset all their needs, many do not. Starting small and expanding–or not– in the future is still a safe investment and strong example to set.

What isn’t solar?


Solar is not free. When we provide our customers with a proposal for solar, we discuss the various financing options available to them. However, there is no program in place that offers solar for free. Any advertisement that says differently is hiding the true costs of solar.

When we install a solar array, our customers own that system from day one. After we do the permits, paperwork, installation, and commissioning of a system, we don’t need to be involved again unless you want us to be.

What we do provide to our customers after the installation is: customer support, troubleshooting, and consulting. We’re staying here in Virginia on a long-term basis and are committed to providing exceptional support for years to come.

Provided by local municipalities in Virginia

Currently, the only state or federal incentive available to residential customers in Virginia is the 26% ITC, which is a federal tax credit that’s steadily reducing each year. After 2021, this tax credit will go away completely for residential customers. 

Supposed incentives, cash back, or other specials are what we see most often from misleading solar companies. When you see these sorts of sales tactics, please read the fine print! Our proposals are straightforward, with the costs accurately portrayed with nothing hidden.

While we provide high-quality installations with straightforward prices here at Baseline Solar, there are currently no special incentives, other than the federal tax credit, offered to you here in Virginia. We hope that will change in the future and will let you know if it does!

Always offsetting all your electrical needs

The percent of your electric bill that solar can offset for you is a function of your usage and the production potential of your home or business.

We pride ourselves in our conservative production estimates when we build high-quality solar installations. Our production numbers are accurate and cautious. We absolutely never tell our customers that you will be able to produce more electricity than our fact-checked production models tell us.

Some companies who offer exceptional and unrealistic production values are simply overestimating; however, many others are adding hidden services that, if added, would increase energy efficiency over time. While we partner with companies that do energy efficiency contracting, we are only showing you what we can truly provide with solar.

When you go with Baseline, we will show you exactly what solar can do for you. If that means all your electrical needs are met with solar, great! But if not, solar is a money-saving and environmentally-friendly way to own your own electrical production.

aerial image of solar array

No! Solar is not a scam. However, there is misleading information out there that hurts our industry.

When you go solar, we highly recommend doing your homework and going with someone local. We would love to be that business that helps you design and install your system. We have excellent reviews, a dedicated staff, and the knowledge to navigate any issues that may arise. We are dedicated to factual information about our industry. If you have any questions about solar, contact us today!