Desk with Battery Backup

We’re looking more and more digitally everyday. We often take for granted how our home’s electricity and internet just works. That’s where backup power comes in!

When those systems fail, we feel it. Even for those of us that live where the grid is fairly stable, accidents and natural disasters can impact our electric grid instantly. Backup provides robust, hardworking power that can be used when needed.

The good news is: technology to backup these loads is progressing everyday. Advancements in battery technology has meant we now have more capacity in a smaller size than ever before. With that technological progress comes a smaller price tag as well.

We discussed residential battery backup before here on the blog. Today, we wanted to take a look at our simplest battery options, the Goal Zero Yeti product line. Designed to operate 120V loads, these batteries are durable, portable, and surprisingly powerful for their size.

Say you have an important presentation to give. These days, many professionals who can work remotely are choosing to work from their home offices. With a battery backup system, you can choose to backup your home office and retain access to the internet, regardless of what the grid is doing. For some businesses, this peace-of-mind is crucial.

Home battery solutions aren’t just helpful for work, though. There’s no reason to limit yourself to the possibilities. The Goal Zero Yeti can power:

  • A family movie night with modem, router, Netflix, and your TV!
  • Power tools anywhere in your home, lawn, or job site. 
  • Medical devices like CPAP machines and refrigerators to keep medicines stored correctly.

Goal Zero really sets its battery systems apart from the competition by providing the most portable options on the market. A Yeti battery can easily power your home office, refrigerator, and light circuits one day and then be charged up and taken tailgating or camping the next day.

This flexibility is what makes the Goal Zero Yeti battery so amazing. It’s a truly plug-and-play experience and as user-friendly as they come. If you’re interesting in learning more, ordering, and learning about the specific capabilities of these devices, contact us today!