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X-ray vision for your electricity – simply put, energy monitoring allows you to see what you can’t see now.

Can you answer these questions about your electrical consumption?

  1. How much do you actually spend heating and cooling?
  2. Is an important piece of equipment or appliance starting to fail?
  3. How much money could you save by upgrading equipment?

With only your electric bill, those questions are hard to answer. They’re important, though, and can mean cost savings, reduced headaches, and peace-of-mind for you, your family, and your company. How do you answer these questions?

ANSWER: Install an energy monitoring system. 

We recommend the eGauge system. eGauge is a fully-customizable, affordable solution to monitor electrical circuits, whether you have a small property or expansive manufacturing facility. The system is simple to use, the interface is intuitive, and there are no ongoing service fees.

An eGauge system allows users to monitor electrical appliances including: air handlers, appliances, boilers, HVAC, lighting, solar arrays, single-phase and three-phase equipment, and much more!

Benefits of an energy monitoring system include:

  • See where electricity is going in real-time
  • Study historical usage trends
  • Prioritize areas for efficiency upgrades, and verify savings after upgrades
  • Set alerts for early warning of abnormal usage (example – a freezer that is not running, or a heat pump that is running too much)
  • Monitor total site consumption and individual circuits for detailed analysis

Monitoring circuits one-by-one allows our customers to understand electricity costs and optimize that usage at all levels of their home or business. Whether you realize that a large heater is running at all hours, or simply that your office staff forgets to turn the lights off on weekends, these costs all add up over time.

X-Ray vision for your electricity!

Circuit-by-circuit monitoring not only allows our customers to understand their usage and find ways to save money–it also affords the opportunity to troubleshoot equipment. Again: it’s X-ray vision for your electricity!

X-ray vision for your electricity
Circuit-by-circuit monitoring, anywhere in the world.

HVAC equipment, water heaters, and other appliances often show signs of wear well before they completely fail. Energy monitoring allows you to see what’s operating more than it should–or not drawing the power it should to meet specifications. 

When companies add circuit-by-circuit monitoring, understanding of their facility expands significantly. Data is stored locally, with the option for internet connectivity, while maintaining the information security you might need for proprietary information and compliance with governing entities.

Straightforward installation

Our expert team at Baseline Solar is able to design and install a monitoring system in almost all modern electrical panels. Whether you have a 240V single-phase or 480V three-phase electrical service, or something in-between, this system can scale to meet the needs of your organization.

When we install solar, we can also include eGauge monitoring for our customers who desire a more granular monitoring experience . It can absolutely be installed as a standalone service as well. Whether you want to go solar eventually, or not, energy monitoring gives you a deeper understanding of your home or business’s systems and operations.

We think every space should be taking advantage of energy monitoring solutions to understand and optimize their electrical consumption. Many customers find that the benefits of adding an eGauge to their home or business quickly outweighs the initial installation cost.

Interested in learning more?

If you’re ready to learn about your company’s electrical usage and see real-time data from anywhere in the world, get in touch with Baseline Solar Solutions. When you’re able to understand consumption circuit-by-circuit and optimize for electrical efficiency, downtime is reduced and costs are saved.