roof with solar panels in blacksburg

When you add a roof-mount solar array to your home, it’s easy to choose panels that match your home’s aesthetic and stay out-of-mind. Even a large system can easily be made to blend with a dark roof and just become part of your roof lines.

If you install a bright blue, metal roof for your panels to rest on for decades, that certainly makes a statement!

That’s just what the Gramacy’s did here in Blacksburg. Bobby and Leah met up with us recently to talk about their array, now that it’s fully installed and they’ve had a few months to see the many benefits of solar!

When we first talked to Bobby and Leah, it became clear: they wanted to go big! Their ranch home and large roof faces accommodated many panels with room to spare. We quickly created a design that utilized the existing roof space along with a high-quality addition built by Shelter Alternatives. The Gramacy’s agreed and we went to work. 

Virginia Tech Electric Service was excellent to work with. A small utility compared to Appalachian Power or Dominion, they were excited to talk about net metering and approve a large residential solar array on their grid. Since Baseline handles the paperwork for all of our jobs, we can say with certainty: VTES makes the process easy.

Adding a 19.7kW to your home today means you will be creating reliable electricity for decades to come. There’s no better way to buy your electricity in bulk as compared to solar! When you really start to dive into the many benefits of solar, it all adds up to a great deal for you, your community, and our planet!

“It’s like buying all your electricity for the next 10 years or so at a fixed cost.”

For the Gramacy’s, solar is not only a financial investment, but also an investment in their children’s future and the environment. Leah summed up solar well: “It’s like buying all your electricity for the next 10 years or so at a fixed cost”. We love that analogy! Solar is an investment for our planet that helps your wallet as well. As electricity costs increase over time, the solar panels you install now will only become a better investment.

Coupled with their array, the Gramacy’s also opted to install an eGauge device to monitor their electrical consumption circuit-by-circuit. For Bobby, who teaches statistics at Virginia Tech, these numbers really excited him. They were so interesting that he actually had his students run the data as a project. In the end, they found that our solar design, kWh production and offset numbers were exactly right, if not a bit conservative for what they really should produce!

Here at Baseline, we pride ourselves on amazing service, reliable data, and standing behind our work. Blacksburg is our home, and we’d love to install more solar, in town and beyond! If you’d like to learn more or get a free quote, contact us today!