Over the past 5 years, Baseline Solar has helped countless “solar orphans” get their systems back up and running. If you find yourself in a situation where the company that installed your solar system has gone out of business, is in bankruptcy, is fighting multiple lawsuits, or just plain called it quits, please, give us a call. We can help!

What is a solar orphan?

For the last several years, multiple solar companies in our region have closed up shop, leaving thousands of solar customers in the lurch. Often, solar customers don’t even realize that their installer went out of business until they’re experiencing issues with their system. At this point, the now defunct solar company is no longer answering their phone, leaving people feeling frustrated, confused, in need of help, and unsure where to turn. Some industry slang has been created for these unlucky folks: “solar orphans”.

Bad players abound…

When long leases are signed, or up-front investments are made, and people are left with solar equipment that does not work properly (or at all), people often conclude that they were scammed, and that solar, in general, is a scam. We’re here to tell you confidently that solar is NOT a scam. However, there are definitely bad players out there, who use predatory, high-pressured sales tactics to get well-meaning folks to sign on the bottom line. These companies have been hurting people and our industry’s reputation for many years, and our business has spent countless hours sorting through the messes they’ve left in their wake.

But enough about them!

When the company you went solar with won’t return your calls, and your system is in need of servicing, please, give Baseline Solar a call. If it’s during our normal operating hours (M-F, 8:00-4:00), you will almost always speak to a real, live human being. No annoyingly complicated phone menus, no robot voices, and we certainly don’t have any “hold music”. Just regular people, with regular voices, ready to help. And if you don’t catch us on the phone and need to leave a voicemail, we’ll call you back within 1 business day, and immediately work you into our schedule. We pride ourselves on prompt and frequent communication with our customers!

Turnkey Service Solutions

Just as we offer turnkey solar installations, we also provide turnkey servicing solutions. We’ll start with a diagnostics visit. This involves a thorough inspection of your installation. If equipment has failed to the point of needing replacement, we will handle the defective components, work with the manufacturer to procure and install new parts, submit warranty claims on your behalf, and ensure your system gets back online as quickly as possible.

With your permission, we’ll also add your system to our monitoring platform so that we can remotely analyze any future error codes, and help get those fixed as well. At this point, you’re no longer a solar orphan, but instead, a Baseline customer. Our trained and dedicated service team will always be ready to tackle all of your solar problems from start to finish!

What do we service?

Just about everything! Baseline’s knowledge, expertise and experience in building and troubleshooting solar energy systems is extensive, and we regularly service SMA, Enphase, Generac, Schneider, Fronius and SolarEdge inverters. We’re also well-versed in grid-tied, battery backup, and off-grid setups.

Our Best Advice

The best way to avoid the nightmare scenario we’ve discussed in this article is to avoid becoming a solar orphan in the first place. This can be tough, and we know how difficult it can be to finally decide on a solar installation company. We recommend going with one that is reputable (search reviews), headquartered locally (a little homework should tell you whether or not the business is physically located in our region), and has been in business for at least 8-10 years. We, of course, check all three of these boxes, but so do some of our competitors, and they’re doing really great work out there too!

Another piece of advice is, if you decide to deal directly with a manufacturer in hopes of having everything covered under warranty, please take into account the amount of time it’s going to take one of these larger companies to actually come out and service your system. Yes, they may do it for free, but if it takes them 6-12 months to show up (this is very common), then you must consider the electric bills you’ve been paying during this time, and how much that has cost you. More often than not, the amount of money you’ve lost by not having your solar resources operating far outweighs the amount of money you will likely end up paying a company like ours to come out and quickly get it running again. So please – call us today! (540) 552-1511.


“After falling into the disaster that was Power Home Solar/Pink Energy, Baseline Solar Solutions has been working hard to get me up and running when no one else would! This company ROCKS and Eddie Gibson is an absolute ROCK STAR!!!” – Rodney Cox, former Power Home / Pink Energy customer

“George came to my home today to add some circuits to my existing Generac PWRcell system. He was on time, very friendly, knowledgeable and helpful with my many questions. He efficiently made the changes to the system and cleaned up every spec of dust. I couldn’t be happier with the service.” – Scott Stephenson, former Power Home/ Pink Energy customer