Options to overcome the “First-Cost Barrier” for Commercial Solar Projects are Abundant

Solar is a great investment for many businesses here in Virginia; however, overcoming the initial cost of an installation can be the biggest hurdle.

We’re here to guide you through the process.

Our in-house development team has a large breadth of knowledge concerning commercial development. 

We’re here to help weigh all your options and complete a project that serves your needs exceptionally well.

We facilitate funding, design the array, provide engineering support, and manage the installation process in-house. 

Baseline Solar is Virginia’s choice for technical detail and exceptional quality.

Funding Opportunities are available

Grants and Guaranteed Loans

A variety of grants and loans are available from entities such as the USDA as well as from solar-specific funding groups.

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Our commercial development team is here to answer questions and provide resources to help you and your business go solar.

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Power Purchase Agreements (PPA)

With the creation of new legislation in Virginia, PPAs are now an option for our customers here in the Commonwealth. 

These options are wonderful for non-profits, churches, and municipal buildings.

For Russell Drumheller, 2020 was the year to go solar for  Mountain Precision Tool. As a machine shop specializing in custom work for electronics, aerospace, and fiber optics, the space is no stranger to electric usage! Offsetting a portion of their consumption with clean, net-metered solar from their roof just made sense.

Our installation crew spent several days at this site, adding 192   Axitec 385w panels to the roof, maximizing solar production while also leaving room for the future service of HVAC and drainage equipment that also shares the roof space.

The Brandon Ridge project added net-metered solar to two office buildings, acting as a visible example of solar in Christiansburg, Virginia.

A USDA REAP grant contributed 25% of the total project cost.

Eastern Divide’s solar installation was completed in two phases, boasting a total roof-mounted array of over 80kW.

Baseline also installed a consumption monitoring system so the brewery can monitor their electrical usage circuit-by-circuit.

The solar array helps the brewery produce clean energy, while lowering operating costs for decades to come in Blacksburg, Virginia.

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