Storage Has Many Benefits

Batteries provide peace-of-mind for homeowners and businesses alike! From battery backup services to off-grid solutions, Baseline Solar is ready for you.

Peace-of-mind backup

Much like a generator, batteries provide backup services in the case of a grid outage.

Batteries back up specific circuits that help keep you, your family, or your business safe when the grid goes down.

Batteries can be added to any home or business

Battery backup can be added to any home or business, whether we add solar as well or not.

There are many options for battery backup and Baseline engineers custom solutions for each unique situation.

Quiet and Reliable

You can think of batteries as a replacement for a traditional generator.

Instead of loud gas or diesel generators needing maintenance and fuel, batteries offer quiet and reliable means of critical backup.

We have the experience to serve you!

Our team here at Baseline consists of engineers, electricians, and designers who are ready to design a battery system that reliably serves your needs. 

Off-Grid Solutions


Reduce your reliance on fossil fuels

Dedicated backup for critical systems